Character–The Beauty of a Well-Tended Garden

by Denise


It is very easy and tempting to minimize the wrong things that we do and to exaggerate the good. Even if we direct most of our energy in positive directions, we should be careful not to dismiss the impact that the little things have.

Our character can be likened to a garden. We may have a variety of flowers, plants, and landscape art. Now, imagine the loveliest garden that you’ve seen. If you’ve ever been to a botanical garden, in addition to the flowers, you can imagine the trees, little pools, and cool paths. Those who run those gardens are beyond meticulous about keeping them in order. Groundspeople are constantly about, irrigation systems always ready to keep the garden from becoming dry, and there are of course the horticulturalists who know how to best nurture the plant life and ward off insects that could do damage.

Lots of work goes into keeping a garden beautiful. And that’s because it’s so easy for its beauty to be marred. If you pass by a garden that has a lot of nice flowers and bushes, but the grass looks like it hasn’t been mowed in months, you might be able to recognize that someone did a nice job with the landscaping, but you couldn’t fully appreciate it since they’ve been neglecting the lawn and that’s what sticks out to you.

Or, if you see a flower bed with lovely tulips and orchids, but then there are all of these dandelions and other weeds among the flowers, it would diminish the other flowers’ beauty.

An attentive gardener would never allow her flower bed to be overrun with weeds, or for the grass to get out of hand, or to see a heat wave coming without making sure the plants are well watered. We should make sure that our character is the same way.

Don’t let the little weeds go. They grow bigger and spread. Don’t forget to water, it causes the plants to die. Be on guard against any threat to your roses and sunflowers. Keep everything trim and lovely, and the beauty of your character will be truly beautiful and beyond criticism.