Take It and Shake It!

by Denise

Once upon a time there was a mean old farmer.  He was onery and could even be cruel at times.  The farmer had a donkey that had been useful to him for a long time, but as the donkey got older, the farmer thought  that it wasn’t of any use to him anymore.

Well, instead of sending the donkey off into green pastures, the farmer lowered the donkey to the bottom of a dried up well.  Then he got a shovel and began digging up dirt and dumping it on the donkey at the bottom of the well. 

The farmer worked at this for a long time, pouring shovelful after shovelful of dirt down the well.  But being a donkey and doing what donkeys do, each time the dirt landed on his back, the donkey would shake the dirt off onto the ground and trample it underfoot.  After a while, there was enough dirt underneath the donkey’s feet that he walked right out of the well and went about his merry way.

So, when you feel like life is dumping dirt on you, be like the donkey: take it and shake it!