Spiritual Growth–Catch the Bus!

by Denise

In trying to get to work, I could bike a mile and a half, catch a trolley, hop off to get on the train, walk a block and wait for the bus, and then finally make it to my destination.  A car would be much easier, but if I were without a means of direct transportation, I’d have to depend on various modes to get me there.

This is like our spiritual journeys in that there are many things that will be of assistance to us on the journey, but which if taken all the way, will not get us to our desired destination.  Sometimes a certain teaching or idea may take us further than we currently are, but if we take it to its fullest extent, we will end up somewhere false.  Or it could be that there is a particular aspect of a ministry that is growing us in an area that needs addressing in our lives, but once we’ve matured in that area, we need to move on.  We have to be able to discern that it could be the case that a group, organization, teacher, or what have you could end up being only provisionally useful in our Christian lives.  A certain preacher may have been fundamental in our initial turn toward the Gospel and in understanding the call to repentance and faith in Christ.  But as we grow we may start to see that remaining under all of his teaching will not lead us to God’s intented end in our spiritual lives.  A particular church may be like a bus that comes along and carries us several blocks toward our destination, but which itself is not headed toward that destination.   We would hope that all are heading to the same destination, but they are not.  Thus, we have to keep our eye on our end goal and only keep things in our lives that will get us where we need to go.  Even if a church or group is truly dedicated to Christ, they may not be heading toward the particular place He wants you to go in the Kingdom.  So you have to be sensitive to the Spirit as he gives you more specific directions along the way.

And remember–don’t be afraid to break out.