What is man that you are mindful of him?

by Denise

What is man that You are mindful of him?

Or a son of man, that You should care for him?

You have made us a little lower than the angels.

You have crowned him with glory and honor.

No one is unworthy of anything the Lord has created them to be.  I’ll use an extreme example that likely doesn’t describe most readers here, but has happened in real life.  Let’s say a woman came from a troubled and abusive home and ran away as a young teen.  Such girls are often preyed upon, as this one is, and the young woman becomes trapped in a life of prostitution.  She lives this life for five years before she makes her way off the street and starts working in a gentleman’s club–which she considers a move up in the world.  She works in the club for another 3 years before one day encountering a street evangelist who presents her with the Gospel.  She becomes born again through faith in Jesus Christ and joins a local church, dedicated to now living her life for God.  She is filled with all joy and hope.

She is the picture of commitment and zeal.  Other members of the church marvel at how quickly she has changed for the better.  She never misses her old life and only wishes she had known the Lord sooner.  She spends her time in church, helping with various ministries.  Well, one day one of her fellow churchgoers–a single man–realizes how fond he is of her and how impressed he is by her faith.  A godly and mature man, he prays about pursuing her as his potential wife and eventually approaches her and asks her on a date.  She says yes, and a romance unfolds.

Several months later, a proposal seems imminent.  On one hand, the woman is so happy that she’s been pursued by a loving and respectful man.  At the same time, she has times where she’s beset with doubts.  He came from a great Christian family and had a model upbringing.  His family accepts her and her testimony, but she wonders if they are disappointed that he didn’t choose someone else.  Then, she thinks that maybe she won’t really know how to be the wife or mother he expects her to be, and maybe one day he’ll even regret that he married a woman with a past like hers.  Essentially, the question throwing her into a tailspin is, “Am I really good enough?

God’s answer is a resounding YES.  But how?

This woman–like every woman–is a precious jewel in the sight of God.  Her soul, spirit and body are altogether wonderful to the Lord (Ps. 139) and He created her for such nobility.  She is a rare jewel, fit to be placed in the finest ring or on the noblest crown.  This is what the Lord created her to be.

But in our fallen world, values are inverted.  The worthless is treated as valuable and the valuable often treated as worthless.  Throughout her life, this woman was treated as if she were cheap, common, dirty even.  And she believed that such was true about her.  So now, when a man comes and treats her like the diamond God created her to be, she feels out of place.  Deep down she still believes she’s cheap, and therefore all the love and honor this man is bestowing upon her must be a mistake; one day soon he’ll see her for what she really is–or so she thinks.

Truthfully, her beau sees her as God see her.  He not only sees what God created her to be, but he also sees how she strives to walk in line with God’s calling.  But all of her past memories cause her to believe lies about herself and therefore she struggles to accept the gift of God toward her in this man.

Our natural inclination is to believe that our station in life should be based on what we deserve and what we’ve earned.  If we live a good Christian life, then we believe we deserve a good marriage and family or some other thing we desire.  But if we’ve made mistakes then we think we have to loose a measure of the blessing we could have had.  We may lose something through our mistakes, but our mistakes or bad experiences do not change our worth or God’s call upon our lives.  In God’s economy, God calls us according to His good will and purpose and thereby places a duty upon us to live up to that calling.  Every man and woman has a noble calling to be a virtuous creature and to live up to the calling that God has placed up on their lives.

When we sin, we fall short of embodying the call of God in us.  But the call doesn’t change.  Our lady is a woman created to be a helpmeet to a godly man and created to mother children.  Nothing in her past can change that call upon her life.  It was written into her by God Himself, and therefore she must be worthy.  If she sins or errs, she may fall short of God’s standard for her; but God’s standard is who she really is, not what she has done or experienced up till now.  We all have the choice to reject God’s truth about us and to instead live a lie (which is a life of sin)–but that’s exactly what we’d be living:  a lie.

In refusing to see ourselves as bearers of God’s own image–and in failing to act as such–we agree with Satan–the accuser of the brethren–and deny God’s creative purpose in us.  By rejecting His view of ourselves (and instead embracing Satan’s) we short-circuit the work the Lord wants to do in us, through us, and for us.

No matter what you’ve experienced up till now–whether it be sins committed against you, or those you’ve committed–God is still calling you.  There’s nothing so bad that the blood of Christ cannot cleanse you of it.  He wants to clean all the dirt off of you, polish you up and manifest His glory through you. You just have to ask Him.  If you’d like to know more about how this can be experienced in your life, feel free to e-mail me (comment below).  Or, take a look at the link to the upper right:  “A Clear Gospel Message”.  Blessings.