GPS–God’s Positioning System

by Denise

I hope this isn’t irreverent, but sometimes I think the Lord’s guidance and providence are like a GPS system. You know how as you’re approaching the turn, it’ll keep telling you, “Turn left…” But if you miss it (and I often do) it goes, “Rerouting…in x miles, turn right”. Or it might say, “In a quarter mile, make a U-turn.” And if you miss the re-routing directions (ok, so I’m really bad at following the GPS! ), it will simply again say “Rerouting…in 1 mile…”

Now, I’ve definitely made trips much longer than they needed to be by not heeding the GPS. But no matter what gaffes I make, it always gets me to the final destination. I thank and praise God that when we miss our turn (maybe we weren’t listening, maybe we got distracted, maybe we were just stubborn and thought we knew better) that he continues to give us “updated” guidance until we get to where we were supposed to go. Unless you just completely turn Him “off” and decide to completely go your own way, He will persevere with you through your mistakes and get you there. Praise the Lord, for He is faithful!