Aspects of Love: How Not to Be a Hypocrite

by Denise

1.  Acknowledge the distinction between yourself and Jesus.  Jesus is God, you are a follower of God.

2.  Warn others of God’s coming judgment without playing judge today.

3.  Do not dismiss one’s own sins as small.  When we do so, those of others automatically loom larger.

4.  Speak the truth, but do not strive with people to embrace the truth.

5.  Learn the distinction between speaking truths that are hard to hear, for the benefit of others, and speaking truths that are hard to hear, for the purpose of taking someone down a peg.  (Usually what is said through impatience, annoyance, anger is not for the purpose of edification.)

6.  Know that “righteous indignation” comes not from being right about something, but from having the right heart

7.  Genuinely desire and hope for the best good of every person you come into contact with.  When we do so, mercy and compassion comes easily.

8.  See all sin from God’s perspective, and place emphasis where He does.

9.  Pray for God’s blessing and leading for others–especially those with whom you disagree and with whom you find fault.

10.  Preoccupy yourself with thoughts of God, prayers, praise, and the constant endeavor to embody within yourself His commandments.