UPDATE: There Are No Carousels without Horses

by Denise

Image“I will not punish your daughters when they play the whore; nor your brides when they commit adultery; for the men themselves go aside with prostitutes and sacrifice with cult prostitutes, and a people without understanding shall come to ruin.”  Hosea 4:14 ESV

I will keep this simple.  There is no objective evidence to indicate that women have any more partners than men do.  All objective (not anecdotal) sources indicate that men have more sexual partners than women.   If you look at averages, it’s possible for those with a high number of partners to skew the numbers for the “average man.”  But the median number of partners for men is still higher than the median number of partners for women.  This means that a full 50% of men have more partners than a full 50% of women.  http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nhsr/nhsr036.pdf   This does not support the widely held belief of a select few giving all the rides on the carousel.

Even if you insist that men inflate their numbers and women deflate them, when men and women were hooked up to lie detector tests, their reported number of partners was pretty close to one another.  http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/sexsurv.htm

Many object and say that the above discounts the “experiences of most men.”  It does not.  Rather, it recognizes that one cannot draw reliable conclusions about what happens everywhere or most of the time from the experiences of a self-selected group of people.  What is happening among “most” men and women is much more reliably gauged by data that corrects for selection bias issues.

Furthermore, I posted the Scripture verse underneath because I believe that there is a consistent spiritual theme in Scripture that it is never simply a one-gender problem when it comes to sin.  Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden together.  Each sinned, albeit for different reasons; but each sinned.  And men and women continue to do the same.   It is also my understanding of Scripture that men are called to exercise spiritual leadership.  This has little to do with blame and more to do with the authority vested in the specific offices of father, husband, priest/pastor.  It is, I believe, through a consistent ownership of the responsibility of those roles that God’s intended order is maintained.