by Denise

A great letter from Guy at What Women Never Hear. Of all that I’ve read of how to respond to feminism, his wisdom has proven to be the most sensible, effective, and reliable. And his own marital happiness over the past 50 years is evidence that he knows how to create happiness with a wife rather than bitterly complain about women. His respect for women and positive outlook on the possibilities for cultural renewal are refreshing.

What Women Never Hear

Dear Mr. Beck,

You seek ways that We the People can reboot America and restore our exceptionalism and greatness—and rightly so. You seek a Whitfield moment and recovery that begins in the pulpit—and rightly so. You seek a union of free men who stand up more responsibly to restore the constitutional American spirit—and rightly so. May I add another truth to your quest?

I have not heard you mention this. Through lack of certainty caused by politics and propaganda, men and women are unable to capitalize on how God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize the sexes to be different in hundreds of ways. Consequently, the traditional battle of the sexes has escalated into war with children in the crossfire. While feminism has wrought huge legal, political, and economic gains for women, the radioactive fallout generates conflict, demolishes harmony, and prevents compatibility in the social and domestic arenas.


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