Christian Rock Done Well

by Denise

I’m probably not the only one who cringes a little bit when pausing on the local Contemporary Christian radio station.  The best word I can use to describe it is formulaic.  There must be a CCM app somewhere that enables producers to key in a general theme for the lyrics, a time signature, key signature and desired instrumentation, and out pops a new hit song for the Contemporary Christian charts.  What’s worse is that it seems like the new CCM hits track very closely with whatever style is prevailing on the Top 40.  Am I being too harsh?  Too curmudgeon-y?  Well, classical music is my wheelhouse, but I greatly appreciate all sorts, and really love to see contemporary Christian music done well.  And this past weekend, I had the chance to listen to a CD by a musician I know that had me pressing the repeat button over and over.


The Powerful Hand by Derek Neufeld

An excerpt from track 2, “Psalm 51: Kyrie Eleison” @8:15:

If His love is a rainstorm, let me wash away
If His love is a flood, I wanna drown in the grace
If His love is like lightening, can it light my way?
If His love is thunder, can it shout down His grace?
If His love’s like the sun, can it turn my night into day?
If His love is a flame, can it purge out my shame?
If His love is a fire, consuming all in its wake…
If His love endures, if it won’t go away.

Wonderful Grace” is also definitely worth a listen.  Enjoy.