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noun, sprightliness of spirit or wit; lively intelligence.
Synonyms: cleverness, intelligence, morale, sprightliness, vigor, zest
It would be difficult to summarize what this blog is “about,” and hence the title.  It is about life, about love, about inspiration.  Essentially, this blog is dedicated to being alive and engaged.
 But, perhaps it would be helpful if I laid out the presuppositions that undergird the posts:
~*~Learning to live a life of love, love of God and love of neighbor is the purpose of our existence on this planet
~*~Attempting to find what is goodtrue and beautiful is the goal of intellectual activity
~*~Attaining wisdom is a pursuit worthy of our highest energies and will make for a much better life.
This can all be attempted, but not accomplished without the gospel.
I hope that your mind is challenged and your spirit uplifted by what you read here.  And please feel welcome to comment.