Just Dance!

Dance in the desert

Dance in the rain

Dance through the suffering,

Dance through the pain.

Lift up your head and look to the sky

Dance, my dear sisters–your redemption is nigh.

A little piece of doggerel; not worth anything as poetry, but it flowed out of my heart in meditation on so much hardship, heartbreak, and trials that some women go through in this life.  In the past when I’ve felt anxious about God’s provision; felt like I was in a drought, a famine, waiting with nothing on the horizon, the image of dancing in the desert came to mind–to break into dance as an expression of joy, thankfulness, and praise to God.  When hope seems hopeless, dance in witness to faith and in witness against despair.  Dance is also a witness to others of the joy that flows within.  Regardless of the circumstances, just dance.